My family has always been a family of nicknames. Especially since adding Nate to our family. One of the best things about family nicknames, is that each person has several different nicknames. Parker has about a million-the most common of which is Sparky. I call him everything from Spinko to Sparkaloo. The guys in my family call me Heath, my mom calls me Lynne Lynne (Nixon usually calls me Heller). I call Brooke, Brookie or Rookie. Paige gets Spaige and Pie-head. Chandler, who is such a girl is usually Channie, Channabell or Channie Bananie. Hayden usually just gets her name broken in two. Like we'll say "Hey, Den come here". I like to call her just Den though. I call my dad Pops, Daddy or Hi Dad Soup. Usually mom is just mom, mama or mommy, but Nixon calls her Mema.
I love Nicknames. Speaking of nicknames, I have a soccer game tonight. We have shirts that say 'Bring on the Heat' (I'm the Heat). I hope we win, or at least play good.


  1. Sam said...

    I like "the Heat"... At least people don't call you "Clammy Sammy"... It sucks.  

  2. Anonymous said...

    I wouldn't want to be "Clammy Sammy"! I feel sorry for you.  


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