At BYU everyday at 7:30 am and 5:30 pm the National Anthem is played as the Flag is raised and lowered. It is tradition that no matter where you are on campus, when you hear the music playing you stop, turn towards the flag pole and have a kind of moment of silence until the music is done, and then you can continue with whatever you were doing.
So, my roommate, Jana, has a class in the afternoons that on occasion leaves her walking home around 5:30. On one particular day, she was stressed out, and just wanted to come home. When the music started playing she just kept right on walking, until she noticed her old roommate stopped, facing the flag with her hand over her heart. Instead of stopping herself or just walking by inconspicuously, she turns to her old roommate, puts her hand up in the air and yells, "Viva la France!" and then resumes walking home.
This story reminded me of my freshman year. I had a botany class with my friend Billy that ended at 5:15. By the time class was over we were both starving, and ready to get home. We usually walked as fast as we could so we could make it home before the music, but on the rare occassion that the music started before we got home, we would begin "signing" to each other. We thought that if people saw us signing to each other they could assume we were deaf and couldn't hear the music (neither of us know any sign language). When we got bored of signing though we'd speak to each other in "another language". This is one of my fondest memories of Freshman year.

-Sorry if this seems a bit anti-patriotic. I love my country, and I usually do stop and face the flag when the music's going.
Also I thought I'd change it to 'word or phrase of the week' instead of day, seeing as how the word or phrase usually stays up for about a week.



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