Soccer and Arizona

So, I'm playing on an intramural co-ed soccer team right now. We had our first game tonight. I probably should have scored a goal, but I just didn't have ample opportunity to get a good foot on the ball. Anyway, it was a pretty good game and we would have only lost by one, but BYU has this weird rule about if a girl scores the goal it is worth two points instead of one, so we lost by two.
About Arizona: Me and two of my roommates are from Arizona, my other roommate is from Washington. Because of this us Arizonans tend to gang up on the Washingtonian. Like for instance we'll be talking about how much we hate the cold here, and one of the Arizonans will say "Arizona has great weather!" and then the Washingtonian will say something like "yeah, the western half of Washington doesn't get this cold either." And then the Arizonans say something like "well, that doesn't matter because Arizona is far superior to any other state in all aspects anyway, so we don't really care if the western half of your state, which you don't even live on, has mildly warm winters." So, every once in a while, just to keep the Washingtonian in check, I'll say something like "Man I love Arizona" and then the other Arizonans will chime in with their agreement. It is so great to see the Washingtonian feel like she's being brainwashed into believing that Arizona is pretty much heaven on earth. But think about, once people get acquainted with Arizona they're hooked. There's no turning back, you will hate the cold for the rest of your life, and live with the idea that snow is good as long as you live a couple of hours away from it, and you can just go "visit" it on occasion.


  1. Sam said...

    We have the same situation here in my apartment: Three of us are from California and one is from Virginia.

    I love Arizona. I'm considering Phoenix in my post-graduation plans. My friend calls it the "holy land."  

  2. Heather said...

    Ha, my friend likes to call Gilbert "G-town", not to mean Gilbert though, it stands for God's town. There must be something holy about the Big AZ.
    Mmmmmmm I LOVE Arizona.  

  3. Maggie said...

    It can't possibly be holy or why would Heavenly Father give it a Hellish Heat? 120 degrees farenheit is not a surrounding people sould CHOOSE to live in.  

  4. Heather said...

    Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. You just haven't gotten to know the joys of living in such weather. The temperature rarely goes up to 120, more like 115 tops. In any case, I quite enjoy it, as do many others. If only you could live there, and get a first hand experience at how truly AWESOME Arizona really is.  

  5. Bryant said...

    Holy Crap that's hot.  

  6. Bryant said...

    Besides, everyone knows that California is the promised land. Manifest Destiny: it's like in the Constitution or the scriptures or something.  


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