Further Evidence That Proves

How Awesome I am!

Recent data reveals overwhelming statistics in this daunting research.

Yesterday I was on campus for approximately 13 hours, 14 if you include 2 half hour breaks. I was busy the whole day, and still ended the day without getting everything done. When I woke up this morning I had to quickly finish my referenced proposal I was working on last night before heading to class. At the end of my 8 o'clock class I noticed, while turning in my proposal, that mine was better than all of the other students. I had at least 8 references, a great topic, and a spectacular thesis statement. While relaying this story to my beloved roommate, Margaret, I was excited that I was able to do such a great job on the proposal, even after having such a hard, long day. I finished off my story to Mags by exclaiming, "Eat that..synuvabidadi!" Yes, I actually said "synuvabidadi" It is a new word that all of the cool people are using, it is commonly used after great victories. So, the next time you accomplish something amazing, you remember to shout out "SYNUVABIDADI"!!!


  1. Maggie said...

    I think you miss quoted yourself. If I do recall correctly it was more of an, "Eat that, you.....synuvabidadi" Just so you know. It was pretty awesome.  

  2. Sam said...

    Haha... That's awesome. Congratulations on doing so well! I definitely need to start working harder at school and be motivated again. You are a good example to me.  

  3. Maggie said...

    Dear Sam,
    Heather ALWAYS excells, I think it's chronic or something. The point of the story was that she's awesome because she made up a new word. When written down it doesn't sound so cool as when she said it because it just looks like an amalgamation of a lot of little words. Let me assure you, her creative genius was working that day to creat a completely new word with little to no meaning.  


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