Buddy Study

I agree with Maggie. It is easier to get up the motivation to study when there are two of you needing to study. Matt's not in school, so when he gets home all I want to do is hang out with him. This means all studying must be done during the day. BUT what about the laundry, oh and I need to eat lunch. Also, I've been meaning to deep-clean our bathroom, organize the office, put away unneeded holiday decorations and put up needed holiday decorations, as well as solve world hunger and bring world peace. So, I couldn't possibly study right now.
Margs and I used to head to the library almost every night to study. We had our little nook on the first floor of the HBLL (which they've put computers on almost all of the desks there now!), Maggie usually brought some fruit snacks, and we would share earphones and im each other while sitting next to each other and studying. Funny, I actually got a lot of studying done that way. So, I'm supposed to be writing an abstract for a 39-page research paper about turberculosis for my evolution class now... But that world hunger is still looming over my head, so I think I'll work on that instead.


  1. Maggie said...

    Good plan. My goal right now is to solve our health care crisis (which I have only been recently made aware of because my husband had to study it for his medical school interview). I think I should start calling people right now.  


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