On the prowl

Each week I am required to turn in an abstract of a peer-reviewed journal article for my evolution class. I've been searching the library database for articles I can use throughout the semester. We are to compile the abstracts into an annotated bibliography at the end of the semester on a topic of interest or in our field of study that relates to the class. The topic I chose to research is bacterial resistance to antimicrobials/antibiotics. I chose this topic because it is so fascinating how the little boogers figure out how the antibiotics are working to combat them in our bodies. Then they can modify themselves in a way that makes them nearly invincible to the drugs we try to battle them with. SIDENOTE: This is evidence to why I am a huge dork. I was reading about the history of HIV for the class last night and was explaining the processes of the virus to Matt, and I don't think he was nearly as excited by the topic as I was. I mean, how did those viruses get so smart?! END SIDENOTE. So, I've been researching diligently for the past hour and I have discovered two new articles to use... that's it, just two. I hope this isn't a steady trend since I have several more weeks worth of these to write an abstract on. Ah well, such is the life of a college undergrad.
On a happier note- I really love my intro to seminary teaching class.

P.s. I wrote this post twice because BYU is stupid and doesn't allow pop-ups, so I lost the whole thing when I tried to do spell check. It was more well written the first time around, sorry.


  1. Maggie said...

    I find it interesting to hear about that stuff. I don't really find it entertaining to look it up, but hearing about it is great. That's something I miss about you. Dan doesn't really do that.  


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