Oh Boy!

Today I received a gorgeous package from Jordan Ferney at Oh Happy Day. She had a contest a while back to find some cleaning supplies for her. You can find the post here. I was so excited to win something; I love prizes!

Here's some photos of the pretty things:

Her packaging is so cute!

She wrote little notes on each gift.

Look at the cute bird necklace, mini Eiffel tower and vase. I'm excited to try out the toothpaste; I've heard good things about it. I forgot what the red thing is called, it's kind of like a kaleidoscope, a very cute idea. Jordan says she always keeps the salve in her purse. I'm sure it will come in handy and make me look very posh and up-to-date as well.

Thanks so much Jordan! I love all the prizes. I'm not sure I deserve all this for finding a mop, but I sure am happy. Yay!


  1. Katie said...

    You are SO lucky! I can't believe you've won something from both Jordan AND her sister! You should buy a lotto ticket.  

  2. Maggie said...

    You are so lucky! I love to get presents in the mail. I bet it made your day!  

  3. Heather said...

    Getting a treat in the mail is the best! It's like Christmas time!  


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