Happy Half-Birthday

At my elementary school each kid got to bring treats to school on their birthday and share them with the class. For the poor students whose birthdays were over the summer they were either left out or had a designated day to bring in their treats at the end of the year. My mom didn't want me to be left out of all of the festivities, so she would bring treats for me on my half birthday. I remember one year she made these cupcakes that were baked inside of an ice cream cone and topped with marshmallow creme and sprinkles. I was the coolest kid in my class on that particular day. Ever since then I have considered my half-birthday almost as important as my real birthday. Since today is my half-birthday, I'm totally going to have a party! Maybe I'll make a cake.


  1. Matt said...

    You crack me up. Happy Half-Birthday!  

  2. Michael said...

    A half birthday!! Now that sounds cool. Happy half birthday. Wish you loads of luck.
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