The Higgins Luck

Matt and I are supposed to be leaving for the big AZ this afternoon. We're going to sell his truck down in AZ, so we've been planning on driving it down, and then flying back up after Christmas. Yesterday, when I tried to start the truck to go to work, it wouldn't start up.
I called to tell my mom about the truck not starting up this morning, and she asked me if I had told Matt about the Higgins Luck. Basically the Higgins Luck goes as follows: if anything can go wrong, it will. So, now that Matt's married to me he's got to be on his toes, ready for anything and everything to go wrong that possibly can.
Fortunately my awesome cousin, who is a mechanic, came right over when I told him about our truck problems. He even thinks he knows what's wrong and we'll be able to get it fixed in time for Matt and I to leave. I was getting really bummed about the possible delay, so it's nice to know all hope is not lost. I'm so excited to go home, I hope everything goes smoothly from here on out.



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