Tears and Triumph

I haven't had the best of luck with college advisors at BYU.

Because of this I have become more and more hesitant of trying to seek help from anyone at BYU. Unfortunately I recently decided it would be best for me, even though I am a senior, to switch my major. This would of course be an instance where seeing a college advisor is somewhat necessary. I finally gave in today and went to see an advisor, and I was so stressed out about my decision to change my major and having to see an advisor who may not be able to or willing to help me like passed advisors. When I met with the advisor for graduation I had a bit of pent up emotions, and while I was explaining my situation, I started to cry.

The advisor listened to me though, and then went right to work. She switched my major then took a look at the classes that correlated between the two majors. She waived one of my classes in place of two others. She found two other classes that I could substitute for two I have already taken, and determined that after next semester I only have to take 6 credit hours more to graduate! If I want to I can graduate in August! This is much sooner than I have been anticipating (I think I was preparing myself for the worst). I now have the best advisor ever, and I am so happy to have that load off of my shoulders.


  1. Heather said...

    Mom- I think Tarzan is cool, I didn't know Nixon was old enough to think of naming the kitty.  

  2. Maggie said...

    I'm so glad you finally had a successful visit with an advisor. (Crying may have helped a little too. Then they know you really care.) Anyway, way to go on graduating in August! Four long stressful and hard years will give you a great accomplishment! YEAH!  


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