A small list of how you know finals are over and the semester is done with:

  1. I took a shower today after almost three days straight without one.
  2. I am posting on my blog...
  3. I convinced Matt to drive me up to Salt Lake to take my last final, so we could "celebrate" afterwards (I'll add the email I wrote him on here later).
  4. I am so tired.
  5. We have plans to sleep in tomorrow-that is sleep in compared to the early morning study sessions I've been having.
  6. I can read other blogs as well as other entertaining non-school things.

I've been trying to convince Matt all semester to come with me to my 7:30 pm class up in Salt Lake. I would say enticing things like..."You can come sit in my class and listen to my crazy professor." Followed by, "We could go out to eat and have fun afterwards," as well as, "Plus you love me and will miss me so much when I am gone..." Anyways, for whatever reason these didn't do the trick. I really turned on the magic today though, when I told him that he should come up to my class in Salt Lake with me while I took my final.
Here's a copy of my email to him:
Here is a least of reasons why you should come to my class tonight.
1. If you drive that will give me an extra hour of studying.
2. This test should only take me an hour to 1 1/2 (less time than my class is normally).
3. After class we could go get something to eat to celebrate me being done with this semester- nothing fancy or anything.
4. You love me, and you want me to be happy.
5. I could really use that extra hour of study time.
6. I ran out of reasons, but I thought 6 sounded more convincing than 5.
Okay, that's all for now. I LOVE YOU Mattie shnookie-wookie bunny face pie snuggly fuzzy bear pants!!!

Obviously that was the work of a pure genius because he came with me to the Salt Lake Center, and we celebrated my last final by eating at Subway afterwards.
So, now I am free to do whatever I want. Yay! What I really want to do though is go to sleep!


  1. brittany said...

    haha. i found yours and mats blogs! so i thought i would say hi and congratulations on finishing your finals and i'm glad mat went with you! Now you should celebrate by coming and visiting me in nice california that has no snow! :) i miss you guys!  

  2. Heather said...

    Yay! Brittany! We miss you guys too. I wish we could come out for Christmas, or better yet, you could come down to AZ for Christmas! That would be super fun! I am pretty excited to go home for a warm Christmas, Matt thinks it's very anti-Christmas though.  

  3. brittany said...

    Yeah, its kinda weird not having snow for Christmas. But, good news- Ben and I are going to Utah for Christmas. We will get there this Tuesday and then Ben goes home the day after Christmas, and I leave Jan. 4th. So, we should try to get together while i/we am/are there. When are you guys leaving for AZ? Tell your family hi for me, and Grandma and Grandpa!  


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