Chewbacca's Christmas Carol

This is my favorite ornament on our tiny Christmas tree. We have a 3 ft. tall tree with lots of "old-fashioned" ornaments, mini candy canes, a plastic, gold glittery star on top and white lights. Oh yes, and I can't forget the furry chewbacca Matt put on it.

I drove through Burger King on my way home from class in Salt Lake a few weeks ago and ordered myself a big kids meal. The toy in the meal was a mini stuffed chewbacca. The second I got home and showed Matt my toy, he immediately asked if he could make it into an ornament and hang it on our tree. So out comes the bent paperclip which was nicely forced into chewbacca's head, and he is now perched atop our tree. Our tree now seems to say "Merry Christmas all you Star Wars fanatics!" I guess that's what I get for marrying a computer nerd and being a bit of a nerd myself.


  1. brittany said...

    my brothers and dad would be proud. they love star wars!  

  2. the narrator said...


    have you seen the star wars christmas special? george lucas denies it's existance, but i've seen it and know it is real. just like santa claus  

  3. the narrator said...
  4. Heather said...

    Wow, that holiday special was amazing... I can't imagine why George Lucas would want to deny its existence.  


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