Reflections on Simpler Days

I made yellow cupcakes with cherry frosting last night. It reminds me of Valentine's Day in elementary school. I've been thinking about my life in elementary school. Why can't life be so blissful as it was then?
1. recess=time to run around, climb things, yell loudly, forget about the worries of times tables and Arizona state history.
2. art=time to get messy and be creative. Paint, clay, paper, plaster of paris, glue, crayons, chalk, tissue paper, mother's day presents.
3. library=time to pick out any book I want, and sit down and read, with no thoughts of taking notes or what I'm going to learn from the book.
4. siblings=seeing my cooler older sister at school everyday, and thinking, "I have the coolest older sister of anyone else in my class, and she goes to my school."
5. holidays=surprise visits from mom, cookies and cupcakes, dressing up, pandemonium in the classroom.
6. writing assignments=time to sit down, write whatever is in my head, let the creative juices flow.
7. 4-square=I am the 4-square King!
8. crush=the cute boy I had a crush on all through elementary school, and I knew he had a crush on me too.
9. teachers=my second mom, my favorite person, has the same birthday as me, twin day, teacher's pet, considered one of my best friends.

1. recess=the weekends and any freetime I get to spend with Matt and/or Maggie. Usually spent watching movies, doing hair, talking, playing card games (Rook!).
2. art=on the rare chance I have time, painting. I love painting! I love anything to do with art, but I'm no good at most of it.
3. library=hours spent there cramming for exams, preparing group projects, wasting away Friday nights and Saturday afternoons studying (that was back in my single days).
4. siblings=the people I miss the most out here at school, the people who are growing up without me.
5. holidays=time to catch up with school work, roadtrip down to AZ, or just veg.
6. writing assignments=put off to the last moment, when I write my best. I enjoy my own writing assignment of writing on my blog on occasion. I also enjoyed my writing assignment for my Bible as Lit. class.
7. 4-square=I'm still the 4-square King!
8. crush=now I'm allowed to date my crush, and he makes me very happy.
9. teachers=sometimes hard to approach or hard to relate to, sometimes becomes a close friend. Usually someone I admire and look up to. Especially my science professors and most of my religious and English professors.

Perhaps life is just as blissful now as it was then, only on completely different levels. I am very happy right now. School is stressful, life decisions are very stressful, but I am loved, and I have others to love. That's really the best part of life.



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