The concept called "spring"

After my sister was baptized my dad proceeded to invite everyone in attendance over to our house to have refreshments and have a kind of birthday/baptism celebration for Hayden. Well Hayden was obviously excited, and after my Dad finished explaining that everyone needed to come back to our house to eat because we had enough food to feed a small army, Hayden enthusiastically exclaimed, "Yeah, cause we're rich!"
Maggie hadn't heard that story before, so I figured none of you had either. All I can say is Hayden will never live that one down. It's been almost four years since the incident and you can still catch members of our family using that as an explanation for all kinds of things.
Mom: You can invite three friends to come over, Hayden.
Paige: Yeah, cause we're rich!

Chandler: I got tons of candy for Halloween this year!
Parker: Yeah, cause we're rich!

Me: We're having chips and salsa for a snack.
Dad: Yeah, cause we're rich!

FYI: I just spilt my glass of water on the couch; it looks like I sprung a leak out of my right bum cheek (and I have to go to class in a minute).
Prior to that I ate an avocado for a snack. You know, Matt, I cut the avocado in half, poured on a little salt and spooned out all the goodness and ate it! Mmmmm....sooo delicious...
It snowed last night. It's April.



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