I play the banjo!

I had a fantastic weekend (that is fantastic in a non-sarcastic tone)!
I just discovered that blogger has bullets/numbering, so I think I will use both of them in describing my "good" weekend.

  1. I went to IHOP for dinner on Friday night. Not only does that mean breakfast for dinner, but it also means GERMAN PANCAKES for dinner mmmm...
  2. I went to the Church History Museum to see the new Joseph Smith exhibit. There were original transcripts of translations of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith's journal(I could actually read one of his journal entries), a cloak that Joseph Smith wore as the Lieutenant General, and lots of other really great things that the Prophet used.
  3. Matt and I played scattergories with 3 other couples-we totally dominated...I believe we had 64 and the closest to us was 53.
  4. Maggie's Bridal Shower was a success! There was laughing, talking, eating, present-opening, etc.
  5. I got to take a nap.
  6. We went to a Bluegrass festival. It is so good to be with a guy who enjoys the same kind of music as me, I don't think I could have gotten any of my past boyfriends to go to a bluegrass anything. The music was pretty good, but I was glad to leave when we did.
  7. Matt and I split a Brick Oven pizza for a second dinner, Yum! Matt let me pay for the meal, I like paying for things every once in a while, just so he knows he's not one up on me...kidding Matt, I'm only kidding.
  8. Bowling after Pizza. I love to bowl. My ball was lopsided which led to a lot of frustration; I was dead on several times, and then the ball would veer to the left just at the last second leaving one or two pins unscathed. It was fun still, we all were equally mediocre.
  9. I slept in on Sunday until 9:40am. That's huge for me! I really needed the sleep too.
  10. I went to church with Matt. In Relief Society we watched Finding Faith in Christ. I balled my eyes out, then told the Relief Society President (who was sitting right next to me) I would never come back to that ward again. Actually I was really glad they showed that video, I love it. I wouldn't mind going back to that ward again at all.
  11. Toria made lasgna, french bread and salad for dinner. It's one of my favorite. Oo oo, and we had orange cream ice cream things in those little cups with the wooden spoons. They were also delicious.
  12. We played Rook, and I got to have Matt as my partner. We play really well together.
  13. We watched The Incredibles, it was the first time I got to see it, and it was great! Yes, I jumped in a few parts, but you have to remember...I'm just a little girl.

So for a quick recap:
  • Matt is awesome.
  • Maggie is awesome.
  • Food is good.
  • The Incredibles was great.
  • I like the bullets and numbering they have on here. I don't know how long they have been here, and I haven't been able to use them simply because of my lack of observance.


  1. Katie said...

    I wish I played the banjo...or the autoharp. Then I'd be the most popular person ever.

    It was good to see you this weekend pal!  

  2. Heather said...

    I hear you have to have long, stringy, white hair and a thick, white beard to play the autoharp, but that could be cool too. I mean I'd still think you're the most popular person ever.  

  3. Kim said...

    How was the Fiddle Fest? I can't believe your boyfriend appreciates bluegrass music. I think you're probably the luckiest girl in the world and I'm very jealous.  

  4. Heather said...

    The fiddle fest was great, my boyfriend is the guy I brought with me to see your band play at Borders. He said he liked your band better than any of them at the bluegrass festival. I agree.  

  5. Maggie said...

    I agree as well. The closest was the group that your sister played with, "The Founding Fathers"  

  6. Matt said...

    I'm somewhat of a connoisseur of all types of music. Heather is very lucky and you should all be jealous.  

  7. Kim said...

    You guys totally made my day! Thanks for saying my band is better than the Founding Fathers. Is it okay if I send them a link to your website and rub it in their faces?  

  8. Heather said...

    Hey, the more links to my site, the better. Plus your band is way better, and everyone should be made aware of that.  

  9. Maggie said...

    Matt, you are a connissoeur. You know all types of music, well, except for that "good music" category in the store. At least you're learning.  

  10. Matt said...

    I know all about the "good" type of music. I just wasn't aware that there was an actually category for it. It's changed my life!  


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