Things I love

In no particular order.

1. My new maternity jeans. The cutest jeans I have ever owned. Cute tush and comfy belly.

2. My Mattie. He's doing such a good job being a daddy, except he laughs at my belly button being a half in-y and a half out-y.

3. Cruiser bikes. I love these bikes at The prices aren't too bad.

4. My mommy and my family. I love talking to my mom about my life. She is always happy to hear about all that's going on in our life. (Which is a lot with my pregnancy and us buying a house.)

5. My baby. We're having a boy, and we have three names that we like so far: Ezra, Elijah and Truman. I told this guy I work with about these names and he thought they were "overdone". I have never met anyone with any of these names, so I thought that was weird. I love feeling him move around inside me. It's so funny. Since I can't see him growing inside me I hope he's okay in there. I often worry because there's nothing I can do to make sure everything is okay inside there.

Well, Matt and I have been taking my belly photos every week, but Matt hasn't taken any of them off of his camera. Once Matt gives them to me, I will post all of them.


  1. Kim said...

    I like your names, Heather.

    Also, there's a really great mandolin player named Ezra.  

  2. Anonymous said...

    I love the temple picture. Matt takes the most amazing pictures. The temple and sky look fake. I like the names you've picked out, though Stratton seems to be missing :( I think Stratton Schaffer has a nice ring to it. I know moms don't get to say too much, but we can try! 1-4-3  

  3. Maggie said...

    Oh yeah! I love your names! They're all so cute! Speaking of cute, your maternity jeans are really cute looking! Happy 4th of July!  

  4. Mema said...

    Hi- I think I have an identity now! I'm Mema! Yeah!!! I can't wait to be ______'s Mema. Only 18 weeks to go.  

  5. Anonymous said...

    Umm...Ezra? That kid is going to get beat up every day after school.  


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