Little Heartbeats

Matt and I were planning on getting a 3D ultrasound this week, but we somehow thought the cost was going to be a lot lower than we found out it would be yesterday. The price that we thought we would get the 3D ultrasound for is actually the price for a "gender test". Anyway we didn't really think it was worth it just to find out the gender for that price, when we're going to find it out anyways in two weeks for free.
We had our 18 week appointment yesterday. My very favorite part is hearing the heartbeat. The baby could feel the Doppler sticking in my stomach and kept kicking it. It was so funny, but I couldn't laugh because then we wouldn't be able to hear anything. I've been able to feel the baby move more often too, and it always make me giggle (even if it hurts a little). I guess it's kind of surreal knowing it's a person moving around inside of me.

With the baby we'll be growing out of our little apartment. So we are looking to buy this summer. We're going to look at some condos in Eagle Mountain tonight. We really love these condos and have been pretty bummed missing out on some of them. Anyway my blog posts have been getting boring lately, so I think I'll just leave it here.



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