My hair smells like smoke

I got my hair colored on Wednesday, and I figured all the girls who read my blog might like to see the results. I decided to go brown. I think it's darker than when I did it my freshman year, but I don't have any pictures to reference it with.

I like it, and Matt likes it. I decided I'm going to keep it long for a while because I put so much effort into growing it out. Before I got it colored it was a little over half-way down my back, and I just got three inches cut off of it. I think after Christmas I will go short. It is easier to do when it is short and I think it will be better for winter time, since I probably won't wear it wet as often.

Okay, since all the guys who read my blog are probably not interested in the color and/or length of my hair I will now tell a good story.
We are having a big BBQ tomorrow because we have lots of old friends in town and thought it would be a fun way to get everyone back together. We decided on ribs because they are much easier than burgers and much tastier. Matt and I are in charge of the ribs and everyone else is bringing the extras. We have a great way of doing ribs to get 'em nice and tender and delicious. We boil them for a few hours the day before, then let them marinade in BBQ sauce over night before grilling them while basting with BBQ sauce. They always turn out great. We had a lot going on today though so we tried to get in the boiling part while we were out of the house, well we ended up staying out of the house a little too long. When Matt opened the door to our apartment when we came home smoke came billowing out of the apartment sending us both into panic mode. Matt ran over to the stove and turned it all off and then tried to bring the smoking pot out of the house. Then the smoke alarm started going off, and our house smelled bad! We opened the windows, and turned some fans on, but there wasn't much else we could do because we had to leave the house shortly after that. Right now it still stinks, but we put bowls of vinegar in every room, have two fans and the ac going, and we spray febreze on anything fabric throughout our house every thrity minutes or so. It's been super fun. The BBQ is still on though, we had to get new ribs and start over, but they should turn out good still.


  1. Katie said...

    You look hot.

    Thanks for the ribs tips.  


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