Disclaimer: this post is pretty long, so read when you have time, or something.

You know you're in love with someone when the best time you have with them is over 20 hours (total) in the car together.

I flew into Reno a few hours before Matt, so Grammy and I went shopping together before meeting up with Matt. Seeing Matt was so great, he had the hugest smile on his face as he walked out of security to meet me. Matt met Grammy. We got our rental car, went out to dinner with Grammy and started our first trip to Carson City.
After staying the night at Grammy's we woke up early to head to Fresno where Matt's mom and sisters live. We took a "shortcut" courtesy of the internet, through some amazing mountains. Since we were driving a rental I wasn't allowed to drive it at all because you have to be 25 to drive it. Luckily Matt is super old, so he could drive it (Just kidding Matt, I love you!). Anyway, I loved him driving because I could look at everything and just enjoy the trip. Matt and I work really well together. When we were driving we could talk about everything and nothing. We laughed a lot, and I in my usual manner said some pretty crazy and off the wall things. In fact some of the things I said even surprised Matt, I covered it up real well by blurting out I love you when he didn't know what I said, and I didn't want to repeat it and embarrass myself. I slept off and on in the car, but mostly I was so excited to be with Matt, I couldn't fall asleep, even when he told me to. Anyway, we were driving to Fresno, and during the 6-hour drive I had to pee. I had to go REAL BAD. Luckily this happened when we were in the middle of nowhere. When we finally found a "town" for me to stop and go to the bathroom, nobody would let me go! They either had a sign up that said "Restrooms For Customers Only" or they told me "we don't have a bathroom". So then not only did I have to go real bad, but I was also upset. So, we were still driving and I started crying because I had to pee so bad. Fortunately I was with the greatest guy in the world, so he didn't think I was crazy or anything he just felt bad for me and drove faster. The first place we found was a K-mart of all places! There were no gas stations or anything like that the rest of the way out in the middle of nowhere when I was about to pee my pants. So, I found the only person who spoke English and asked her where the restrooms were, I waited in line for about an hour and then I finally got to go. When I looked at my face it was all red and puffy from crying, after that Matt still said he loved me, so I was pretty happy about that.

Anyway, we finally made it to Fresno! YAY! Before going out to California everyone was asking me if I was nervous to meet Matt's family. I was never really nervous though. I think it's because I am so comfortable with Matt, and I already know we're getting married so I didn't really have very much to be nervous about. I could just be me, and let them see who their son/brother is marrying. Matt and I registered at Target while we were there. I loved registering with Matt! He and I laugh a lot and are really goofy together, he was really excited about the "gun" he got to use to "shoot" the things we put on our registry. He's really good at finding things that I like too, so he would always point out things that he knew I would like, there were a few things he picked out for himself too though... like a snow-cone maker... very classy, we'll store it in our front room probably. Matt's sister made us dinner. It was sooo good! She made us steaks and baked potatoes and a delicious salad plus strawberry shortcake for dessert, yum! I met one of Matt's best friends growing up, he clued me in to how much of a dork Matt was when they were younger, but I can handle it since he's still pretty much a big dork now.

Saturday we drove up to where Matt actually grew up, a small town called Oakhurst. We just drove through it, and went up to Yosemite though. Yosemite was GORGEOUS, which is probably the reason why there were billions of people there to see it. We didn't really get to park and walk around too much, until the very end when we were just about to leave we got the perfect parking spot and went up to one of the falls, Matt took some photos and then we walked up to the vista point where we got soaking wet and it was so great!

After we went to Yosemite we went back to the house Matt grew up in, where his dad now lives. So, I met Matt's dad. He was super nice and as Matt promised full of cheesy jokes. We went to dinner with his dad and his brothers. It was fun to meet all of them, and my favorite part of the evening was Zachary, Matt's nephew. He's only 7 months old, but he's as big as a tank. He was so cute and so much fun to hold while we waited for food. After dinner Matt and I went out to Bass Lake which is about 5 minutes away from his house. He took me to a dock where he and his friends used to go hang out, it was pitch black outside and the stars were amazing. I love being with Matt, we always have fun together.

On Sunday we went to two sacrament meetings so Matt could "show me off" to all the people he has known all his life. It was fun, and everyone was so excited for Matt (finally Matt!)... Then it was time for Matt and I to drive back to Fresno, and back to Carson City. So, by this time I was exhausted, but I couldn't sleep while we were driving. So, sometimes I would put my hand up to Matt's mouth and he would kiss my hand. One of these times he kissed my ring, and he says "I kissed your ring" and I say "Yay for the ring!" While we were driving back I also kept telling Matt he's my favorite. Here's how the conversation would go:
Me: You're my favorite
Matt: You're the best
Me: No, you're the best
Matt: no, you're schmoopy
Matt and Me: schmoopy, schmoopy, schmoopy....
Man, we are so funny...people would get so sick of us if they had to hang out with us all the time.
So we did that all the time while driving back to Grammy's house. We made a few pit stops for me to go to the bathroom, and one to eat, and I finally slept, per Matt's request; he worries about me a lot. We got to Grammy's and talked for hours knowing we were going to leave each other in the morning. Monday came; we said good bye to Grammy and drove back down to Reno to fly home.

So, since I've been home I've spent everyday leaving the house at 6 and being out until 9:30 or 10:00 at night. So, I've been getting very small amounts of sleep, and less time to talk to Matt than I would like. Especially after 3 days straight spent with him. I finally had time to sit down and write about my weekend though, so enjoy!


  1. Someone there said...

    You guys are cool :)  

  2. Maggie said...

    Sounds like the best weekend ever! I read this in the library and actually laughed out loud about how awesome you are! I love you, and I love Mattie too. You guys are the best!  

  3. Maggie said...

    PS. I think the thing I will miss the most about not having you around is that you're the only person that calls me Margs.  

  4. Heather said...

    It's true, Margs is the best nickname you have ever had.  

  5. Matt said...

    It was the best weekend ever. Now I'm going through Heather withdrawals. :(  

  6. Katie said...

    Wow, you guys are really cute.

    I liked Matt a lot. My favorite friend's boyfriend ever.  

  7. Matt said...

    Boy, I wish I had a nickel for every time I was someone's favorite friend's boyfriend.  

  8. Jessy said...

    You guys are the most stinkin' cutest couple. Could you be any cuter? We're so happy for you Matty, looks like you finally found the one! See you 2 little lovebirds in August!
    Lil' J  


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