So, I've figured out why I am the way I am... okay, maybe I already had an inkling, but still I've figured it out.

So we're eating dinner. We've had our dining table and chairs since we first moved into our house on Maple street, that was almost 12 years ago. So, the table is in super good shape, but the chairs have definitely seen better days. Anyway, we're eating dinner. Paige starts banging her foot on the bottom rung of her chair. To this my dad says, "Paige you gotta stop doing that. These chairs keep getting ricketier and ricketier, which is a word that means more rickety."
Oh man, I laughed so hard! I could definitely see myself saying that.

Now a recent finding about Matt...
I was driving home from work the other day talking to Matt on the phone (who was also driving home from work). Someone apparently cut him off or did something that a common Utah driver does to him. So he got a little upset and flustered he may have said some choice words... well here's what happens next:

Me: Mathew!
Him: What?
Me: Hi.
Him: I did, I already did.

We're not even married yet and he's already 1) ignoring me and 2) pretending that he's listening to me and responding with an "appropriate" answer...
I am so excited to marry him! When Matt realized what he did he busted up laughing, as did I. It was fun.

So those have been my recent discoveries.


  1. Bryant said...

    That conversation (though funny) makes no sense. I'm glad "appropriate" for you means nonsensical. That probably makes it easier to come up with an "appropriate" answer.  

  2. Maggie said...

    Appropriate means totally awesome. Not really nonsensical because after a while you totally understand what she's trying to say. It just kinda comes out different  

  3. boz said...

    My cat's breath smells like cat food.  


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