I've been meaning to write for the past few weeks, but when I thought of something clever to write I wasn't in a place where I could write it. Then when I was, I either didn't have time or couldn't remember it. So, here I am again playing catch up in list form:

  1. I recently won a prize from the Design Mom Give Away A Day! It is so exciting to win things sometimes! Especially the lovely Nina Handbag I won from Aster & Sage. I'm going to give it to one of my sisters for Christmas, shh... don't tell.
  2. Matt took me to see The Nutcracker for my big Christmas present last Saturday. It was so much fun, and I am glad I got Matt to go see a ballet with me. Included in the present was a new dress for me. It was a really great evening, and the perfect Christmas gift.
  3. I am taking 3 finals this next week. My last 3 finals ever. It will be really nice to be done with school for a long time. Maybe someday I'll go back for a Master's, but I am really happy to be done with college for now.
  4. We are going down to Arizona for Christmas. I am so excited to see my family. Brooke just had her third son a week ago and we are excited to see him. My family also finished the pool a month ago, so we are bringing our swimming suits and are excited for sunny weather. Last year it was 85 degrees on Christmas Eve... hopefully it will be in at least the high 70's this year.
Hopefully when finals are done, and we're back from our vacation I will be able to be more regular with my posts. Until then, Merry Christmas!



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