Not much

Matt and I went on a picnic on Saturday. For whatever reason Utah decided to get warm all of the sudden, and I am all for it. I walk home from school usually so the warm weather has been really nice. I love a sunny sky in February (or really any other time of the year too)! Today it was warm and rainy, and we got a small lightning storm. I love lightning storms. We had them all the time in Arizona. I remember being a little girl wrapped in a sleeping bag with my sister, Brooke, peeking through the window, and watching the lightning illuminate the sky.
I think I'm the only girl in my ward who is not pregnant.
I made cinnamon swirl sponge cake, mmm it is so tasty.
My family is coming to visit me and Mattie soon. I am so excited! I really miss my family.
I took my final for my plant anatomy class today, all done!



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