For Valentine's day I made Matt a huge homemade valentine. One of those classic big red hearts with pink loops as a border. It says 'Happy Valentime's Mattie!' It was fun making it, it felt like elementary school. He loves cashews so I got him some chocolate covered cashews, they looked like hearts too. I got him a book that's called 365 Ways to Kiss Your Love, it's really cute there's one kiss that's called the fishy kiss and you make a fishy face and then kiss your love like that. I also got him a magnet that's purple and it says You & Me on it (we like a song that is called 'you and me') and I especially am happy that the magnet is purple. Mattie did a really good job this Valentine's day. He got me roses a day early so I could enjoy them all day on Valentine's they are really pretty roses too, pink with redish tips.

He also got me a gift certificate for a massage and an iPod shuffle - not a gift certificate one, a real one, but that was more for our 6 monthiversary (we don't usually give monthiversary gifts, but Matt was being especially thoughtful at the time).

I made us an AWESOME Valentimes dinner featuring pink heart-shaped pancakes, crescent rolls with raspberry filling and raspberry jam for the pancakes. Yummy! and Cute!

I can't wait for us to have kids so they can talk about their crazy mom and how she does crazy things for the holidays, like I do with my mom.

This is me being very valentimesy:
Then after Valentime's day was over it was back to regular-not-as-fun-time's day(s). I took the first of several midterms tonight, and am really tired. Matt and I are excited for Saturday so we can sleep-in.


  1. Matt said...

    Happy 3 days after Valentime's day!  

  2. Maggie said...

    I'm so glad you had a great day! Tonight I'm going to a bluegrass jam session with Dan! All these people just come together on Friday nights and play bluegrass music. You can join in if you want, but I think for my first visit I'm just going to enjoy the atmosphere.  


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