should be working

I work in the law library here at BYU. I have been working for Technical Services in the library since my Freshman year. I love the people I work with, and I actually like what I do. My job title is "looseleafer". However, I haven't been looseleafing since I got back to school in September. We have two looseleafers, and we haven't been getting enough releases for both of us to be able to do our job. Because of this I now get to do all kinds of odd projects for my boss, Bonnie. I'm pretty sure Bonnie is the best boss ever. The other day I finished a huge project for her and the next day she had left a thank you note and a gianormous Mr. Goodbar on my desk, yum!
Lately the circulations librarians have been undergoing a series of meetings...I don't really know why, but that's besides the point. There's a girl that works on the main floor where all the law students "live" along with most of our book collections. All she does is sit by the entrance/exit doors and listen for a loud siren signaling a student leaving with a book that has not been checked out yet. Because she is a circulation employee she has to go to the circ. meetings. This then forces my boss Bonnie to supply one of her employees to help out the Circs. So here I am on the main floor with access to the internet and absolutely nothing else to do up here. I even tried to bring up my latest project to work on up here, but I can't access the documents I've been working with. Oh well! I think I'll play solitaire now...


  1. Matt said...

    Sounds like my job sometimes. Only, I play FreeCell.
    Love you!  

  2. Bryant said...

    You people make me sick.
    Love you!  


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