Every boy's aspiration

I was going through a list of conversation helpers from Real Simple at the dinner table with Matt. There were questions like "If you could only go to one place on vacation every year. where would you go?" So here's how one of our conversations went:
H: Would you rather have the power to be invisible or have X-ray vision?
M: Be invisible
H: Why?
M: So I could be the world's greatest Ninja.
H: (thinking "boys are weird")
M: Every guy wants to be either a ninja or a pirate. I want to be a ninja.

And that, my friends, explains everything you need to know about boys.


  1. Pace said...

    Didn't you know boys never grow up!! :D I have learned to try to just laugh when Ry acts like a child, but most of the time I just wish he would grow up! LOL!

    Hey I was just looking at Matt's photos and they are AMAZING!!!! I didn't listen to everyone and didn't hire a photographer for our wedding so I dont have really good wedding pictures in Manti... if I paid him, do you think Matt would be willing to take pics of Ry and I this winter in Manti?? I still have my dress and I want to rent Ryan a tux and take pics so I have some to hang on my walls. He is so talented! And I LOVE his style! Tell me what he thinks... and I am serious. Ask him how much he would charge.  

  2. Bryant said...

    Matt's right. I want to be a pirate.  

  3. Maggie said...

    Do you think your little one will grow up to be a pirate or a ninja?  

  4. Brookie said...

    SOOO true! lol. Boy's are so wierd and they NEVER grow out of it! I love you too! Rachael took our family pictures. Didn't she do a great job. It is so nice to have a photographer friend...and bro-in-law! :)  


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