Belly Photos

We missed several weeks of belly photos. We've been very busy setting up our new home and getting ready for Ezra to come. So I have two photos to put up today. One is from 26 weeks and the other is from 31 weeks. There is a HUGE difference between the two photos; it's pretty crazy.

26 Weeks

31 Weeks
I don't really even fit into that shirt anymore. It shows a little bit of my belly now. You can see the whole set here.


  1. Maggie said...

    Ah! You're so cute!  

  2. brooke said...

    I love preggo pics Heather. You look cute! Hope you are feeling well. Not much longer!! We will have to make a trip out there to see baby Ezra and baby Jack :)
    Take care!  

  3. kjwright12 said...

    i heard congratulations are in order cant wait to see pictures hope everything went well!!  

  4. Cute Carter said...

    Heather! How are you? This is Sarah Roundy (Haught). I heard you had your baby 5 weeks early. Congratulations! How is everything now? You look adorable. I live so close to you, too. It's great to see you. Our blogspot is See ya.  

  5. Kinsey said...

    hey heather, it's kinsey(hinton) i found your blog off ambers and i couldn't believe it. it's been so long since i've seen my orchestra buddy. hope everything with you and the baby are good! little boys are so much fun!  

  6. AMBER said...

    I saw your dad and he told me you had the baby! I hope everything is going good! can't wait to see the little guy!  


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