It's Official

Matt and I closed on our condo yesterday! We should be getting the keys to our new home today! We still have a TON of packing to do. Our big moving day is Saturday (everyone's invited! bring your swimsuits to swim afterwards!). We are going to buy a new couch! I am soo excited because our current hand-me-down couches are pretty ugly (and by that I mean I hate them). We are planning on getting this couch:

It's from IKEA, and I love it. But Matt thinks we should get a couch from Big lots because it is microfiber and will cost about the same. (I told him it looks like a Grandpa couch, it's really puffy and big) We're going to go look at it though. I'm just excited to have a home that I can decorate and paint however I want. I have lots of ideas, but we'll see if they all happen. Well I have to get back to packing. Here's last weeks belly photo:


  1. Matt said...

    Puffy and big = comfortable! :)  

  2. Brooke said...

    Love the couch!! I'm so excited for you guys! Oh ya, Happy Birthday in a week. Love you!  

  3. Katie said...

    Very cute couch!  


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