I am Abe Lincoln

I always think it's funny when people post their personality, by what kind of Christmas tree you are, or Hollywood celebrity, or maybe what kind of Irish paraphernalia you are. It amuses me, but then I want to know what kind of St. Patrick's Day paraphernalia I am too (I believe I am the green bowler hat), or who I was in High school... So, I take the tests too, but I don't like to let anyone else know. So, I'll admit I have also checked my personality on the basis of what kind of crappy Christmas gift I am, the type of food I am, and what kind of jack-o-lantern face I would have.

Well, just took a test that I actually liked, and agreed with the results. I took the "What Famous Leader are you?" test. I like the outcome, except the "assassination victim" part. I don't think I am famous enough to worry about something like that. (I am glad the personality test didn't deem me Adolph Hitler, Bill Clinton or Saddam Hussein)

What Famous Leader Are You?
personality tests by similarminds.com


  1. JenLo said...

    If you were Saddam or somebody like that, you'd just have to keep retaking the test until you got another profile!  


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