I'm taking an evolution class on campus (It's funny some people are shocked we have an evolution class on our campus) along with a class called history and philosophy of biology, which basically has been discussing the relationship between science and religion through the years. Recently there was a letter to the editor written by a student at BYU to the Daily Universe. This student basically gave a creationists viewpoint of why evolution is wrong, and that it will be the downfall of our society.
I guess I just want to know if that's what most LDS and other Christians think.

The reason why I put the quotes on believe in the title is because evolution isn't something you believe in. It isn't supernatural or anything like that. It is a fact that evolution occurs; I don't believe in evolution so much as accept and agree with the Theory of Evolution. I would like to write more about my feelings on evolution and creationism and about different religious groups (Christian groups that also believe in "the creation") that accept the theory of evolution into the doctrine of their church. If my regular readers (which I think there's like two or three of you) are ok with it I'm going to be writing several installments of my thoughts on the subject. For anyone just passing by, sorry if this bores you, but it's my life.

In fact I'll even post a completely unrelated picture just to add a little bit of entertainment:
My family spent their spring break here in Utah with Matt and I: The fam and The Gianormous, and it really was, just look at Chandler's face.


  1. Rob said...

    Well said. YOu agree with my Christian wife. On a totally different note. That is a HUGE pizza.  

  2. the narrator said...

    i disagree. i think creationism is true and evolution the work of satan. oh wait... that's not where i disagree. i think evolution is just as much something you have to believe in. i think the dichotomy placed between science and religion is largely misconstrued and is based on false epistemological assumptions.

    with that said, darwin could beat up any creationist. talmage and joseph fielding smith fought over it viciously (talmage's daughter later called it the talmage-smith feud).

    one last thing. do you have dr. jeffreys?  

  3. Heather said...

    It's really too bad that people assume science (including evolution) and religion can't coexist and even compliment each other. The reason why I say I don't believe in evolution is because it doesn't take any faith on my part to know that evolution is real. And yes, Dr. Jeffrey is my professor for both evolution and history/philosophy of biology.  

  4. Maggie said...

    I completely agree with you Heath. Evolution happens and so it doesn't take any belief to know its true. I'm excited to hear more!  


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